Who Am I Riddles For Adults

However, there should not be difference in riddles for kids and riddles for adults. Riddles are always ambiguous and tricky. Riddles are the question or statements which are intentionally phrased so as to require ingenuity and deep thinking in ascertaining their answer or meaning. So by nature they are demanding for step by step analysis of the meaning.

Thus the different categories for adult and kids are ridiculous. However, we have tried on this and in this video our effort is to present the riddles from the adult world. The questions collected here are varies types, they are, funny, tricky, play on pun or brain itching. When you go through them, you would assert their ingenuity.

The world of adult was the typical realm of adults in the past. There used to ne contests, competition, fairs and many friendly and hostile meetings connected via the riddles. People used to welcome with them and fought with them too. But after the world started to be workaholic with the invention of machines and technologies, people had less times for them. In this connection, they happened to leave the tradition of communal sittings and examining the ability of common sense, ambiguity hidden in the words and the comic relief.

At present, the riddles themselves have become a type of riddles or ‘suspense’ of which no adults try to uncover. They have become the part and parcel of kids’ world. Nevertheless, we can still be satisfied that they have existed whatever the form, name or group they take. So in this video we have collected and tried some riddles targeting the adults. But also we know that most of the kids would be our readers and viewers, but we still have hope.

The questions here are of various types. One of the questions, for instance, talks about life, symbolizes our futile hard work but actually a day to day common goods. It reads:

My life can be measured in hours,
I served by being devoured,
Thin, I am quick,
Fat I am slow,
Wind is my foe.
Who am I?

It seems obvious, but talks much about the nature of adult world. It needs vigorous analytical work of mind to determine the exact answer. And it is none other than a candle. Its life is short, not more than some hours, when it is thin, it’s shorter and the thick one lasts longer.

When there is wind, it may bow out, yes exactly it is a cantle in all aspects. Thus this and other such type of questions in this video paves the way for subtle reading of the questions and complex search for the answers. Try your ability with this video!

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