who am I – IQ Test and Riddles – 90% Fails

Though the title seems a philosophical question, this video contains simple yet cunning set of questions which require the same type of answers. This type of riddles is very famous among children from ages. Such puzzles are the heritage of past travelling through the old generations to the new. Try answering these ten questions and check your brain power.

Like other videos it has fixed time limit: 7 seconds for the questions and 5 seconds for the answer. However, you can pause if you need more time to think the answer. Our brain is such a thing that becomes happy with puzzles, questions and other difficult tasks. The more you use your brain, the powerful it becomes.

There are pun games, one-word answer questions, mathematical riddles, and funny questions in this video. Although these videos are targeted for children, they are equally useful and interesting for the people of all ages. The child career, schoolteacher, parents, etc. all can go through the video. These videos can be played among classrooms of IQ sessions for the exercise of brains too.

Surf through the video, each and every questions are logical and tricking. Fromm number 1 to 10, all riddles are important. The answers are also apt and defining the puzzles. But do not miss number 8 and number nine riddle, they seem vey easy but demanding. They ask about the daily used things, we guess you can answer easily, if you can not and check the answer, you would say Wow! I bet.

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