Who Am I? – 10 Brain Teasers

The content of this video can be summarised and in word “logical”. Yes, this video contains logical questions or riddles for kids. Of course they are for adults too. Logic is the heart of persuasion. When you want to make people believe on you, you use logical reasoning. No one believes you when you say anything straightly, or just make a statement. But a stamen with logic, valid reason and proper conclusion makes it authentic.

The logical questions here make you able to think in this perspectives too. These questions are logical in the sense that you have to use your logic to find answer, you have to reason, you have to think rationally to draw a valid conclusion to answer them.

A riddle gets its worth when it makes you think, to think in empirical and experimental way. The riddles here contain statements which create a context, and that you have to relate to another similar situation to find the answer. The anecdotes lead you to the answer, give you clue.

Thus, if you follow the pattern, with only these 10 riddles you would find yourself having more reasonable thinking capabilities. For instance, lets see a question from the very video, this question goes:

You can not overturn me. You can not hide from me nor you touch me. Darkness shapes me but, but I thrive in light. Who am I?

The answer is not straightforward and direct, it needs reasoning, a critical and logical stand. There is something that you can not hide, you can not overturn nor you can touch it. It is dark but always tries to go towards light. It would tease your brain; it would challenge your reasoning to get the answer.

But for creative thinkers and smart kids it is simple – a shadow.

In this way, when you use your brain power, when you use your intuitive capacity you can unfold any hard and difficult problems. Cracking the complex knot is as simple as drinking a glass of milk. But don’t worry that you think you are not smart enough to this, just go on watching this video 4 -5 times and keep scrolling down to get other more to have enough practice.

There are many more to warm you up, increase you reasoning and make you smart. We are confident that you would also be ‘confident’ to find not only the solution for these questions in the video but also for the real life challenges.

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