Short Funny Riddles – 10 More Brain Teasers

Teasing a brain is not so simple. It needs a serious attempt and ambitious work out. The thinking power, the analytical tool, the differential quality and many more other features have made human mind superior to any other thing existing in this planet. But it is like a child when you become funny. It enjoys endlessly when you create a funny situation.

We have come with such funny, creative and soothing riddles in this video to take your brain to ecstasy, make it jolly and anticipate the fun. There are 10 funny riddles, if you like, you can answer them. If not just guess the answer and tally it with the answer that comes after 5 seconds. Just go on up to the last riddle and witness the transformation of your mental state from serious to funny, from grim to delightful.

Psychologists say that human beings like to have fun and burdenless in the core. But we have created artificial and forceful barrier to not to stick to its core desire. We restrain ourselves from the ease and lead towards hard work, we run away from the happiness in the name of success. It would be nonsense to not to work hard and have job, but job and hard work are for us, we are not for them, mind it. So we are moving in the opposite direction, to move you in the right track, some sun is needed.

Let’s try, “what did the beach say when the tide came in?” It said in a simple and childish language, ‘long time no see’. Not yet in the mood, let us try another, “why is it so easy to weigh fish?” Because they have scales. Whom do we get such answers from, can you guess? Yes, they come either from children or from the grown ups who still has humors and creativity like that of children. Its time be in children’s shoes and wipe out your frustrations, your depressions.

What has to be broken before it is used? It is another question from the video. To answer this be creative, funny and practical at the same time. Yes, you do it everyday, we all do it everyday at breakfast. It is an egg; you most break it before you use.

These funny games are much famous among the kids because they have curiosity, they have the passion to learn new things. Since each and every adult has been a child, he or she slowly vanishes such curiosity and creativity when they enter the world of adults. It becomes trivial and silly thing for them.

But that is real life, that is real living to enjoy and unfolds new things everyday with curiosity. So, through this and many other videos here, we have tried to help you live that life again. Be curious and creative again. Go through the videos here and experience the childish thrill again. Live the life to fullest again.

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