Only Word Unscrambler Dare to Read These Words

Hello friends, we have come with this video with lots of questions that you can ask your friends. These are little bit hard question you can ask them. But actually they are only word unscramble that everybody can dare to read and answer. Similarly, you can literally present these questions in a gathering with friends and ask to unscramble. At the same time, you yourself can try to answer them to test your brain capacity as well.

This is the collection of different types of questions like riddles, funny questions, tricks and general knowledge. So, it would be a full package to enjoy, socialize and have fun with friends, families and siblings.

unscrambler word

The knowledge about the world, life, science, and amazing facts are things to be remembered. However, people have easy and all time access to internet today but it is not enough. It is totally different that if you use your mind to solve answers or perform then to use your cell phone every second to look for the answer. So this video has collected such facts of general knowledge that you always like to remember.

For example, the very first riddle asks that ‘which chemical element has shortest name?’. For this you nee to know little bit about science and chemistry in particular. But it is very easy, in everyday use and easy to remember, and the answer is tin. Like this there are other facts about the statue of liberty, duplication of living beings, facts about camels and others. To check it completely, you need to go to the video directly.

People in the past were very laborious because they had to remember everything in schools and academics. They were no good gadgets to keep the data properly except the books. Even the books were not enough, they were expensive and vulnerable to air, water and fire. So students had to be laborious, they had to mug up the things, the lessons and facts. In comparison to that, we are lucky and fortunate today.

The technical devices have made our life easy, fast, accurate and comfortable. However, we have not realized yet that they are making us lazy, inactive, dull and stupid. The gadgets are smart but we are not smart. So, it is high time that we use our gadgets to activate our brain capacity, to give us enough activities and smartness. So, we have come with this video to give you little toil to use your mind and remember the things.

These facts you can use before your friends can make them enlightened too. Though this is just a beginning, but be connected with us there are many more to empower you forward. Dare to unscramble the words from the letters!

One thought on “Only Word Unscrambler Dare to Read These Words

  1. 1) Thanks for posting this – I appreciate your efforts to keep us all alert and aware!
    2) I enjoyed your music (except for “London Bridge”, which was too slow and too simple) – most arrangements were nice and cheerful.
    3) The puzzles themselves take about 3 or 4 seconds each to read. To make them harder, you could:
    * swirl some more or less than others;
    * change the direction of the swirl;
    * change the orientation of the word’s baseline;
    * change their colours;
    * change the font;
    * use lowercase as well as uppercase;
    * use outlines instead of solid fonts;
    * change the background to a confusing pattern (maybe a multi-coloured fractal?);
    and so on.


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