Murder Riddles – Can You Solve This?

The context is of a death. It seems a person has committed suicide jumping from the multi storied building. There is a thorough investigation to decide what has happened. A homicide expert is called who decides that it is not a suicide but a murder after an evaluation of pros and cons of the situation.


He then proceeds saying that it is a case to be solved by a murder detective. But you have to come up with the answer that why it is not a suicide but a murder. To get the proper answer with explanation and reasoning, you have to watch the video till the end. We assure that the mystery has been solved with proper reason and logic by which you would be fully agreed and relieved.

This is a murder riddle, a murder mystery that you have to solve. It is so interestingly presented with the situation that you would get enough time to analyze the context and you have to answer it.

Furthermore, we have come up with the answer as well that would let you be relived and satisfied. There is the case of death and you have to decide about the situation with believable and valid logic.

The case study and required observation makes every mystery be solved, though some may take longer time than others. To get the whole story you need to watch the video.

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