Hardest Riddles For Adult – 90% Fails

This video is especially targeted for the adults, who are interested in problem solving, like riddles and eager to face unseen challenges. We hope that even some genius and talented kids can answer too. The time format is the same, 7 seconds for question and 5 seconds for answering. Trigger your mind towards the solution. Take time as much as you need, but we suggest not to cheat yourself!

The riddles are not hard and difficult as such. There is a rhythm in them that captures a tempo of the thinking mind. The questions are set evenly, the funny, the critical, the mathematical and tricky. The flow of the video automatically makes the viewers mind that he or she is thinking confidently and sure to get answer.

For example, riddle number eight says, ‘I have eighty-eight keys but can not open even a single lock’. It is simple yet pondering, it is tricky yet very easy, we guess that most of the viewers could have answer it. And finally, as expected the answer is ‘a piano’. Yes of course, it has ample of keys but can not open the lock.

On the other hand, short and simple looking puzzles are also sometimes misleading and demanding. We can take the example of riddle eight, it asks how many seconds are the in a year. We would be mistaken if we take the statement straightforward and start using calculator. The seconds are many and its not the answer, it asks about 2nd or ‘seconds’ so it is 12 only.

So, to enlighten yourself, do watch this and other videos!!

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