Hard riddles simple answer

Riddles are the best things to train your brain. Solving hard riddles makes your brain sharp and increase creativity. These riddles can be important life tools for children and adults with regular practice. It keeps you mentally active and fit, improve IQ, inspire you for education, improve concentration, improve critical thinking, improve vocabulary and improve cognitive ability.

Here you will find a hard riddles from different subjects such as math, science, funny and many more. Some are easy and some are hard to solve. But you will have fun and it can be your best time pass activities. There will be some funny riddles after hard riddles to keep you going forwards. If you are unable to solve hard riddles, you can take helps from your friends and family. Now Let’s go to the riddles, we hope these riddles will be the best workout for your brain and keeps you busy for a whole day.

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Easy riddles are for kids, legends loves hard riddles.

List of hard riddles.

1.) Riddle: Among 12 months, which month of the year has 28 days ?

Answer: All of them.

2.)Riddle:  An object that has to be broken before you can use or eat it?

Answer: An egg.

3.)Riddle:  If you’re going to eat me, my sender will eat you, tell me, who I am ?

Answer: A fish hook

4.) Riddle: In a classroom, there are 6 beautiful girls. Each girl has 1 boy friend. How many boyfriends are in the girls life ?

Answer: 1 boy friend

5.) Riddle:  Two boys are in a Sahara desert. They both have packs on. One of the boy is dead. The boy who is alive has his pack open, the boy who is dead has his pack closed. What is in the pack that survive the boy ?

Answer: A parachute.

6.) Riddle: There are seven mangoes in a shop and ram take away four, how many mangoes are there in shop ?

Answer: There are  three mangoes in shop

7.) Riddle: The day before yesterday I was sweet 16, and next year I be 19. When is my birthday ?

Answer: 31st December

8.) Riddle: There are two mothers and two daughter are in a house, yet there are only three member in the house. How is that possible ?

Answer: There are a grandmother, mother and son in a house.

9.) Riddle: Doing no harm and feeling no pain. Stuck at the bottom, yet easily flies. Only one color, but not one size. Present in sun, but not in rain. Who am I ?

Answer: The Shadow

10.) Riddle: In a family, Mr. Ram and Mrs. Sita have 2 daughters. Each of the daughters has a little brother. How many people make this family ?

Answer: There are five members in the family.

11.) Riddle:  An electric car is moving from NewYork to The Grand Canyon at a speed of 80mph and at the same time wind blows with the same speed of car. Which direction will the smoke go ?

Answer: Electric cars have no smoke.

12.) Riddle: I am the end of everywhere, beginning of everything. I am the end of time and space, the beginning of eternity. Tell me who am I ?

Answer: The letter ‘e’

13.) Riddle:  Suppose, you are stuck in a shopping mall’s room with no doors, vents and window to come out. In the room you have a mirror, log of wood and a light. How do you get out from that room ?

Answer: Firstly, you will turn on the light and look the possible way to come out. Then look in the mirror, in the mirror you see what you saw so, take the saw to cut log in two halves. Now you can use those woods to make a  (W)hole and you can use that hole to climb out.

14.) Riddles:  David was murdered on Friday night. His sister dais she was sleeping. His brother said he was reading. His cook said he was making breakfast. His father said he was watching TV. His mother said she was weaving clothes. From these information, who committed the murder ?

Answer: The cook because David was murdered in the night yet the chef was making breakfast.

15. Riddles: I am a five-letter word and people eat me especially in breakfast. If the first letter is removed I become an energy form. If the first tw0 latter are removed, I will become mandatory for people to survive. Scramble the last three letter, I will become a drink that will refresh you. Tell me, Who am I ?

Answer: Wheat, heat, eat, tea

16.)Riddle: It can’t be heard, or smelt, or seen. It lies under hills and behind stars, and empty holes it fills. It can not be touched and can not be felt. It follow after and comes early, ends life and kills laughter. What is it ?

Answer: Darkness

17.) Riddle:  A boy run away from home. From one point, He turns left but keeps running. After another point, he again turns left and keeps his pace going. He later turn left once more and run back home. Who was the boy?

Answer: The boy was a baseball player running the bases.

18.) Riddle: I can be white, black, purple, or brown. I can be short or can be long. You can easily find me the world over and I am usually the main feature. Tell me, who I am ?

Answer: Rice

19.) Riddle: I have millions of eyes, yet I stay in  darkness. I have millions of ears, yet only four lobes. I have no muscle, yet I rule two hemispheres. Tell me who am I ?

Answer: Human Brain

20.) Riddle: A girl and a teacher were playing football in a ground.  The girl is the daughter of teacher but the teacher is not the girl’s father. Who is the Teacher ?

Answer: Teacher is the mother of boy.

21.) Riddle: From home to home I go, sometimes narrow, sometimes wide. And whether there is rain, hot, storm or snow I always stay outside. Tell me who am I ?

Answer: A path

22.) Riddle: A tank filled with milk has 90 pounds weighs. What can you put in the tank for the weight to weigh 50 pounds ?

Answer: A hole

23.) Riddle: I am a word with plenty in me. Remove the last letter and we will remain twelve. What word am I ?

Answer: Dozens

24.) Riddle: Turn me upside down, I am the same. Turn me on my side and I am everything. Cut me into equal halves and I am nothing. What am I ?

Answer: The number 8.

25.) Riddle: David is five times old as his son. In 30 years time, he will be twice as old as his son. How old are they now ?

Answer: David is 60 and his son is 12

I hope you have fun with the hard riddles. Thanks for taking out your time.

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