Good Riddles for Kid With Answer – Funny Questions

This video is specially for the kids – the growing kids who are interested in refreshing their minds. The riddles are very common, and they are best suited for the kids of kindergarten. Sometimes they are funny too, and the best ways to make your kid think himself or herself.

Many parents and schools underestimate the mental capacity, thinking power and imaginative faculty of children. But it is proven that right from the childhood, kids are smart. If you do not believe, observe a child – even of a year or two – for some time.

Check how he or she behaves with people of different age groups. Yes, the children even one or two years treat the same age group with fun, jokes and elders differently as per their ages.

Therefore, these kinds of puzzles or riddles are best ways to let such kids make smart; make them think themselves for their activities. How our video can make them use their mind is riddle number 5, it asks ‘if an electric train is travelling south, which direction the smoke is going? Obviously, hasty and non-thinking kids answer ‘North’.

Since electric trains do not smoke, it gives children many knowledge, first, most of the trains nowadays are electric, and they do not smoke, they ask their senior about the relationship of trains and smoke. This would certainly unfold the history of trains. James Watt, steam engines, diesel trains, subways and present electric trains.

In this way, this and other videos are worthy to watch for the children and anyone who likes kids!!

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