Good Riddles: 10 More Questions

This post is about the video which has collection of good riddles. It presents easy, witty, sane and interesting questions. Since riddles are believed to be the sources of creativity and critical human nature, our questions are the steps in the ladder of development. The content of this video is very simple and straightforward but useful to enlighten you in the long run. Go through the video and judge it.

As the video title suggests, they are good riddles. They leave a modest and pleasing feeling on you. For example, ‘what number when divided to half becomes zero?’ riddle number 4 is common, simple and funny looking question. But to answer it you have to scratch your mental faculty hardly.

As such there is no number that is double of zero, but since it is a riddle, it does not ask straightforward question. And the answer is eight or 8, if you cut in the middle or make it half, you would get two zeroes, which is a zero as such.

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Interestingly, question number 7 is about riddle itself. If you know it it is nothing, and if you do not know it is something, yes it is talking about riddles. Riddles are not always factual, but cunning and tricky. The last riddle is an example of such nature. It directly asks why do Chinese people eat more than the Irish people.

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Most of the people tend to check the facts, they search in the internet. It is simple, there are more Chinese people than Irish in the world, so they eat more, it’s simple. For full enjoyment watch the full video itself.

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