Common Sense Test – 10 Cool Math Games

Hello friends here comes the common sense test of math, yes it is math riddles for kids. From the distant past, math has been given priority over other disciplines because it worth for that. Since we give it importance, the learning and teaching of math is considered primary. But many children around the world find math difficult.

It is so because of the high priority and the wrong method of teaching learning activities. We have made this video so that you can enjoy the fun in mathematical questions too. Everybody takes math as serious and difficult field, but we have come with the funny part of math – see it, play it and enjoy it. It is not hostile and dangerous but funny yet worth learning.

Let us begin with a mathematical brain teaser. Suppose there was lady with 7 daughters. Each of the daughters has a brother. Now you calculate that how many children the lady had. Any fool can answer that she had 14 children, but it may be true but not the correct answer. In practical life too you don’t find couple with 14 children! But you can suppose. Still your answer is not correct. What if we say she had only 8 children? Yes, it is the logical and convincing answer. How? The brother is for all, each 7 sisters have a brother and 7 plus 1 is eight.

So, our questions in this video are tricky, funny and demanding. Just use your common sense, little bit practicality and obviously mathematical knowledge then you are done to come with correct answers. Let’s try this dude!

Once 2 fathers and 2 sons went for fishing. They were not so lucky but caught a fish for each. But while they were returning home they had only 3 fishes, how it came? Now you calculate and answer why they brought only 3 fishes at home? The direct understanding does not work here, think critically and use your common sense. Actually the group consist of a grandfather, his son and his grandson.

So there were 2 fathers and two sons but only three people, they caught each a fish and brought 3 fishes home. Simple. We don’t use any disciple in isolation. Be it mathematics or other subjects. When it comes in practical life, it takes each and every context of life and living.

So never forget to link anything to empirical ground so you can be smart and with strong common sense. Thus watch the video with creative and mathematical brain mingled with common sense and enjoy it.


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