Cartoon Riddles for children with answer

Most of the children used to watch cartoon in their spare time. They almost remember all the character and important incident throughout the cartoon. So, thinking of that Egmines brought some of the cartoon riddles for the refreshment of the children.

Cartoon Riddles

Solving Cartoon riddles helps to develop the thinking ability , problem-solving skills and creativity as kids grow. They are easy to solve and categorized as per particular cartoon. We researched and picked up the riddles  from famous cartoon among the children circle.  So, here we go

Before proceeding to the knowledge war you might need motivation.

To lose patience is to lose the battle, take time and think.

Tom and Jerry

Tom and Jerry by William Hanna and joseph Barbera is popular among the children across the world. Almost every people have watched this American animated comedy television shows in their childhood. Some of the old people are still watching tom and jerry with their grand kids. It has 26 episodes with plenty of comedy and emotion.

Now you need to answer the below cartoon riddles from Tom and Jerry.

1. What is the full name of Tom ?
Answer: Thomas Cat.

2. Was Butch a cat?
Answer: Yes

3. Was Spike Butch’s father ?
Answer: No

4. What the name of Tom’s girlfriend ?
Answer: Toodles

5. Who created Tom and Jerry?
Answer: Hanna and Barbera

6. What was the real name of jerry ?
Answer: Jinx

7. What is the name of jerry’s cousin ?
Answer: Muscles

8. Which animal is tom and jerry ?
Answer: Cat and mouse

9. What is the name of black cat who also wants to catch the mouse ?
Answer: Butch

10. Which color is Tom?
Answer: Grey

11. What is the color of Jerry?
Answer: Brown

12. What is the food that jerry love to eat most ?
Answer: Cheese

13. When Tom goes to hell, who plays the devil character ?
Answer: Spike

14. Does Spike has offspring ?
Answer: Yes

15. Does Jerry has any pupil ?
Answer: Yes

Congratulation, for those who are able to give answer of maximum questions and for those who are not able to answer, don’t worry we have more easy and amazing cartoon riddles below.

Watch Tom and Jerry from Youtube

Oggy and the Cockroach

The French comedy animated television is famous among children and adults all over the world. The intention and the story plot of tom and jerry and this show is almost same where one character runs to catch another charater. Because of load of humor, laughter and emotion, people at the old age are still watching this show.

Now, let’s solve the cartoon riddle from this show.

1. How many cockroaches are there ?
Answer: 3

2. Who is the Oggy’s Cousin ?
Answer: Jack

3. What is the name of the cockroach which is very evil ?
Answer: Joey
4. Does joey kidnap babies ?
Answer: Yes

5. What is the name of two cats ?
Answer: Oggy and Jack

6. Name of Oggy’s sister ?
Answer: Monica

7. Which cockroach always thinks about eating ?
Answer: Dee Dee

8. Who is the crush of Oggy?
Answer: Olivia

9. What is the hobby of Oggy ?
Answer: Reading the newspaper.

10. Number of main character in Oggy and the cockroaches ?
Answer: 7

11. What is the name of male brown dog?
Answer: Bob

12. What is name of pink male cockroach ?
Answer: Joey

13. What is the name of male orange cockroach ?
Answer: Dee Dee

14. What is the name of male grey cockroach ?
Answer: Marky

15. Which character helped Oggy to lock Bob in a room ?
Answer: Ali, Ollie and all the cockroaches.

That was a easy cartoon riddles and we hoped most of them are able to solve this question. Now, be ready for another straightforward and interesting questions from most loved cartoon tv show.

Watch Oggy and the Cockroach from Youtube


This animated science fiction adventure show is all the way from japan. It is one of the oldest cartoon that is popular and still running from a long time and comes on TV regularly. This is not just a cartoon, it is emotion which represent the friendship, life events and teaches good lesson along the way. People in 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s are still watching this amazing tv shows.

It’s time to work out on cartoon riddles from this show
1. From which century, Doraemon come from ?
Answer: 22nd Century

2. In Doraemon, which gadget helps them to go anywhere ?
Answer: Anywhere door

3. Which Food that Doraemon loves to eat ?
Answer: Dora cakes

4. How much money Nobita had, When he used the Multiplier bank?
Answer: Rs 10

5. In Doraemon, Which character loves to sing ?
Answer: Jian

6. Which character is most intelligent as compare to others?
Answer: Dekisuki

7. What is the color of Doraemon?
Answer: Blue

8. What is the name of Jian’s sister ?
Answer: Jackio

9. What is the name of Doraemon’s sister ?
Answer: Doremi

10. What is the name of Doraemon’s best friend ?
Answer: Nobita

11. Which character does Nobita has crush on ?
Answer: Sizuka

12. Where is the place does Doraemon keeps his gadget?
Answer: Into his pocket

13. What is the color of Doraemon’s sister ?
Answer: Yellow

14. What Gian’s loves to do by gathering friends ?
Answer: Singing

15. What are the marks mostly scored by Nobita in tests ?
Answer: 0

Congratulations, you have completed all the  riddles from 3 popular tv shows around the world. We hope you have did well. If you weren’t able to answer maximum number of riddles then don’t worry, we will bring more straightforward and amazing riddles from different subject in coming days.

Watch Doraemon from daily motion


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