90% Fails – Numbers, Letters and Words Riddles

This video is about the fun games of numbers, letters and words. The 26 alphabets of English have their unique structure, features, sequences and meaning. Similar is with the numbers which are innumerable and uncountable but have been developed from only 10 digits: 1 to 9 and zero. Go thoroughly, try to find out the answers of riddles and enjoy your time with brain exercise.

The riddles have been created out of the pun that happens when we pronounce the word. For example, c is similar to sea, q is same as queue. So these unique nature of letters makes the interesting and funny situations. Children are always fond of such things, and side by side they learn the letters, their positions and usages.

Among the puzzles, number eight is little bit tricky, it asks ‘what does zero (0) says to eight? And the answer is Nice Belt. It is funny, creative and logical as well. But how? Here it is – The number zero sees an eight and thinks it is just like me, a zero, so it must have a belt. Numbers thinking crazy thoughts! That’s funny!

Therefore, to witness this and other such types of jokes and riddles, surf through more videos. They are a good diet for a mind of a child whose mind is extra clever. Similarly, they can make every mind think differently, and instill a good concept of role play. Enjoy the videos !

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