25 Adult Riddles : Will Prove You Have A Dirty Mind

Now this video is another series for the riddles for adults. Now you can convince yourself that we are equally careful about kids and adults. It is quite a bit long video and contains 25 riddles and their answers. Sharp your mind well so that you can compete with your smart kids. Equipped with answers of jeopardizes statements your kids, students or anyone asks.

Although the title says that you have a dirty mind, our motto was to entertain you primarily and force you to think that there are many facets of each and every statements.

The very first riddle is like devil which drags you to his realm but stay firm and try to answer soberly. It is only chewing gum which goes inside dry and hard, comes outside wet and juicy!

Yes, we have been suggested approximately in all riddles that they are related to sex in one side but in another side they really exist afar from it. They have been developed on the basis of ambiguous statements. Ambiguity can be wiped out when we clear the situation and we have done it with our answers.

The double meaning of the statements, we hope, would give you a real refreshment and calm mind.

Please go through the videos till last, there are 25 questions and we guarantee you that in the midway, that is from riddle 11-13 your mind would come in form. It would process the same answer the next time. Best of luck for thorough washing up of your mind.


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