10 IQ Test, Common Sense Test and Riddles as a Brain Game

Now this video is a funny one with strict time limit. It forces every mind to click on certain answer within 5 seconds. You can take more time if you need but answering within the time proves you are clever.

So at first try to answer how much you answer within the time limit and score yourself. Better you be ready with pencil and a paper so that you can judge yourself. Find out how much you score out of ten. Be fair to yourself!

The questions poke your common sense as well. For example, the first question asks that how often you can take out 2 eggs from 100 eggs? Everyone answers hastily that 50 times, but if you use your brain, if you scratch your mind, it is only once, because next time it remains only 98. You can ponder that how much times you try; the second time it becomes 98 only!

The questions sometimes seem for the top IQ scorer, but the answers with explanations show that they are equally important for learning and creative children too. The idea of weight, the concept of Mt. Everest, altruism, ethics, mathematics etc. are useful concepts to know.

Tus watch the video, use your mind, reason, think logically, scratch the brain and answer. If you like the riddles, if you could answer, there are more to exercise and enjoy. Please do watch more if you COULD NOT ANSWER. It is because to need to use your brain power, you do not lack it but you only have to discover it!!

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