10 Hardest Riddles Ever – Can You Solve?

Hello there, it’s time for another riddle and real use of brain. Be ready for tough questions, this video is the collection of tough riddles. We dare you to solve you. Count how much you score out of ten.

For instance, riddle number 3 goes like this ‘forward I am heavy, backward I am not. What am I?’ Of course you need to watch the complete video to get its answer. But in the meantime you can guess as much long as you like and test its answer from the video. Thus, it’s time for the real challenge, be prepared and vigilant.

It is said that practice makes man perfect. If you practice with many difficult and versatile questions, it would be easy to answer more difficult questions as well. Mind it, life is not straightforward and cozy. It’s like rollercoaster, you go sometimes up and sometimes downs.

Whether you are up or down, it is sure that you feel dizzy if you are not prepared. If you have known the challenges of life beforehand, you can handle it coolly, like a boss. Our riddles give you the glimpses of life, the feel of being up and down. And also the challenges are analogically similar to the real one.

The riddles are like the unfolded cards, you don’t know what it contains, useful for you or useless until you open it. They sharp your brain, your mental processing unit always active so that you excel in life. Watch these videos of riddles with your kids or adults to acquire the best results.

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