10 Easy Riddles but 90% fails to answer

The next round of video has come with the new riddles which are easy but deceptive. If you haste, you are sure to fail. So look around the questions thoroughly, enter into the heart of the question and answer it. It is another dose of mind refreshment. Delve into it and come out like a winner, be like a boss!

As the title says, the questions are very easy in a sense and simple. Their only feature is their trick. They are cunning and funny too sometimes. The very first riddle asks can you spell ‘cow’ in thirteen letters?

You can or can not, and you can do it in your own as well. In this way they strike your thinking capability hardly however they seem very simple.

Again these riddles are targeted for the smart kids in particular but all the viewers despite their age, gender, nationality, religion, political opinion etc. are in general. The only one mathematical puzzle of this series is riddle number 5 which is also in fact not a purely mathematical one.

It asks that ‘4 fathers, 2 grandfathers and 4 sons went to watch the movie, what is the minimum numbers of tickets they need to buy?’ The average man would answer 10 but it is just half of the guess.

That is why like other videos, this is also a worthwhile video to make you better in repartee, leave you a smart guy and prove you distinct among other kids. Do watch it and enjoy!

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