10 Cutest Riddles to Test Common Sense

Riddles are the types of questions or statements which are intentionally phrased like this to require ingenuity in ascertaining its answer or meaning. That means, if someone asks a riddle, it is planned to puzzle the listener, most of the time to exercise the brains of children, learning students or general public. Sometimes it is funny too. Most of the riddles are funny and interesting when you can answer it at last though despite the great effort.

This riddle is one of the cutest and funny too in the sense that anyone can answer it when he or see goes through the 2/3 questions. At first everyone would be surprised that why a truck driver is not caught going through the opposite side of a one way? But when you see the answer you relive, laugh and satisfy that it is a common condition that walking through a road is not punishable for anyone and for any direction.

This video is very useful for the logical children because it not only gives the answer but also presents the reasons, causes and effects. Such kind of practices develops logical and reason senses in children. Simultaneously, it gives the children the idea of philosophy, science, daily items, puzzle, fun and pun. So use your logical faculty of mind. Pause the video in between the question and answer for more time. Try to answer it on your own, we bet you would find creative and active yourself. Best of luck!

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