10 Brain Teasers and Funny Trick Questions

Let’s have some fun, let’s laugh aloud! This video presents the brain teasers and tricky but funny questions. The riddles demand the funny but logical answers. Can you guess which was the highest mountain in the world before Mount Everest was discovered in Nepal? Keep guessing, and if you are not sure to get answer, check the video out.

We have tried hard to level your brain for all sort of questions, be that hard, be that logical, be that funny or be that tricky. This video is a step to the funny and tricky question.

We have called this video a brain teaser in spite of being it a collection of perfect riddle in the sense that the questions demand bizarre answers. For example, one of the riddles asks that why it is against the law to bury a person in California who was born in New York.

Most of the viewers hang on the legal matters and other realistic things, but the demand of the question is funny yet logical answer. It is illogical to bury a man who is alive, and the question does not mention that the person is dead.

Therefore, to solve tricky questions and riddles, we should move our mind backward and forward equally. Generally, children are believed to be instant in answering any questions without caring it to be right or wrong. But with the maturity, the adults take more and more time to answer.

We hope that with practicing this and more other videos about riddles, even the adults would be instant in solving problems, they would be fast in decision making too.

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