10 Best Riddles and Brain Teasers

Here comes another video loaded with the collection of best riddles. It contains 10 questions to be answered within 5 minutes of time, and you have 7 minutes to see the question. This collection is also filled with comical and funny questions that teases your knowledge and talent.

For instance, you might have heard the long debate of ‘which came first, chicken or egg?’ It does not have any logical land final answer yet but we have the solution for it. Yes, this video has come with the answer of this debate and we guarantee you that you would make the questioner speechless next time you hear this question.

Scientists say that human mind has immense memory power, uncountable imagination, innumerable critical and creative thinking and the calculating speed faster than light year. But it is the tragedy of human being that he or she never knows its capacity, hence he or she never uses it.

Load your brain with your all school stuffs, past memories, future ambitions, family, friends, love affairs, crushes, fictions, and so on but it would give you exact and instant result. It would never need rest. The more you use it, the more active and faster it would be, and the more creative and talent you would. Our effort is to provide some nutrients to your brain, our motto is to update you, our goal is to warm up you all the time.

For that, we have come with this and several other brain teasers and riddles. Watch them and let other know about the positive result. Let’s watch together!

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